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how is phab different from other health products?
phab is made by professional nutritionists, food scientists, and genuine food lovers, meaning each bar is packed with the nutrients our bodies need to thrive without sacrificing taste. a lot of our stuff is packed with protein so that whatever you eat is working doubly hard for you alongside making your taste buds happy. we can go on and on but i think the only way to really know is to judge for yourself and give phab a try :)
good question! we are part of the HOCCO group that has been part of the food industry since 1944! literally dada-pardada ke zamaane se. we founded and operated the iconic Havmor ice-cream brand for over seven decades before selling it to the South Korean company Lotte in 2017. our parent company runs over 65 restaurants across India under the names of HOCCO Eatery and 1944 by HOCCO. we also have an ice-cream business Huber & Holly with 15 stores across 6 cities. so, clearly, dealing with yummy stuff has been part of our DNA since years. but in the past few years, our founders gayatri & ankit chona felt the need to introduce healthy foods into the mix. while gayatri is a trained nutritionist, ankit is an out-and-out foodie—and they wanted their partnership to result in something that would make them both happy. the rest is phab history.

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where are phab products made?
all phab products are made in certified production plants which adhere to the most stringent quality norms. we apply stringent rules to each stage of the production process, applying internationally recognised standards in food safety and quality management, and driving efforts to raise the bar in our industry. we also undertake numerous zero-compromise quality tests to give us the utmost confidence that our facilities uphold the standards people expect of us.
we work with carefully vetted vendors and local farmers from across India. our resident food technologists personally handpick our nutrient-dense ingredients to maintain our stringent standards of quality.
our protein is sourced from natural sources like high-quality milk proteins, dry fruits, and soy. our grass-fed whey protein is a specially formulated protein supplement sourced from top-notch international vendors. it’s packed with a high level of amino acids, Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acid profiles, and much more.
it’s actually a fallacy to think of protein as something that only those who workout need. less protein amounts to protein deficiency, which leads to major health problems, low energy levels, fatigue, weakness, weakened immune system, and frequently falling sick. protein helps in brain function, boosting metabolism, recovery from injuries, keeps various parts of the body healthy, and even keeps the body fuller for longer. protein is present in foods like meat, eggs, dairy products, soya chunks, etc. however, almost 80% of our Indian population doesn’t meet its daily protein requirements, and our daily meals often don’t help us close the gap. hence, products like ours help bridge it better but in ways you actually enjoy.
for the most part, we use low-cal and natural sweeteners like dates and honey that do not spike blood sugar and have a high digestive tolerance. however, our protein milkshakes and powders also have sucralose that we have engineered to be diabetic friendly. sucralose is a no-calorie sweetener that can be used to lower one’s intake of added sugars while still providing satiety from enjoying the taste of something sweet. more than 100 safety studies representing over 20 years of research have shown sucralose to be absolutely safe for consumption.
we craft our products keeping sugar checks in mind, making them friendly for diabetic consumption. but still, best to check with your doctor once.
our products are crafted with health and nutrition at their very core. they are consistent with the new age of diets but best to check with your nutritionist if they align with your health goals. else you can also read the label and take a call based on your current diet preference.
except our protein powders and protein milkshakes which have a relatively high amount of protein, all other products are safe for kids. make sure you don’t use them as a substitute for their meal, and only feed them in moderation. bonus info: our founders’ school going sons and their friends love to snack on our energy bars and bombs before or after their sports matches, or carry one in their dabba to battle their snack attack.
our bars have a shelf life of 8 months, the protein milkshakes last between 9 to 12 months, and our protein powders go strong for 18 months.
so glad you asked! yes, all our packaging is recyclable. we urge customers to dispose off phab packaging in a responsible manner but also believe it’s on businesses and people in power to take responsibility, and not on individuals. we hold plastic collection drives at least once a year to do our bit. as a customer, you can also send back phab bottles for us to recycle and reuse. for every dozen empty bottles we get back, we give a 10% off on your next order.

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where can i buy phab products?
just use this website to get your stash. we’re also available on major e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Tata 1mg, Big Basket, and Smytten, among others. we’re also available in major retail stores in 12 cities across india. you’ll find us at Nature’s Basket, Reliance Smart, Foodhall, Dorabjee’s, 24x7, Lulu, Wellness Forever, Noble Plus, Magsons, Ratnadeep, and other leading retail chains.
we’re so excited for your order too! you can check your order status by logging in to your profile. see you soon!
we have cash-on-delivery and secured prepaid options with all major payment options like UPI, credit and debit cards, netbanking, etc.
we have a nominal charge of rs. 50 for all COD orders. the same charges will also be levied on prepaid orders of rs. 749 and below. we offer free shipping on prepaid orders of rs. 750 and above.
yes, we offer a secured payment gateway. pinky promise.
yes, we have a return policy for all orders on which the issue is notified by the customer within 72 hours of receiving the order.
we offer store credit/product replacement in case of any complaints regarding, damage/spillage during transit or the product going bad due to weather conditions or mishandling in transit.
sorry, we’re available only in India for now and do not offer international shipping. we hope you have good friends in India to get it for you though. if not, we suggest you make some stat.
yes, we dig long-term relationships. check out our subscription plans which come with attractive discounts. we hope we’ll be more than just a situationship.
oops, sorry about that! please write to us at or call on 1800-121-7422 to speak with our customer care representative, and we’ll have it sorted as soon as possible. we will try to do better than that next time so we hope you don’t unfriend us.

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why should i register on
coz we’d look great together, bestie! also, creating an account on will give you access to limited edition offers, early access to new products, and help you earn and retain store credit. add to that the convenience of quick checkouts and easy tracking of your past orders with us. but if this is too much commitment for you, we get it. just check out as a guest. no hard feelings.
all orders are processed within two working days if the order is received before 17:00 (5 pm), monday to friday. orders once received after 17:00 on saturday/ sunday or on holidays will be processed the following working day. once shipped through our shipping partners, depending on the location of your order, we should reach you in about 5 working days. Inadvertent delays may occur leading to travel restrictions due to weather conditions, festivities or other external factors that are outside our control. during busy times, such as holiday periods, there can be minor processing and shipping delays. we apologise for that but trust us when we say we’re as impatient to get to you as you are.
glad you asked! subscribing is a great way to save money. you can save up to 10% on the price based on the subscription duration you choose. it is also a good way to ensure you never run out of your favourite product.

business inquiries

i’m a distributor and want to stock phab. what do i do?
super! write to us at or call us on 1800-121-7422 and let’s figure out an offer we both can’t refuse.
think we might make a good pear? we’d love to hear from you a or 1800-121-7422.
ooh, are you gonna make us famous so our mums could finally be proud? jk they’re already proud. we’d love to add value to your stories so tell us more at or call us on 1800-121-7422.
so, you love us for our money, eh? lol that’s awesome—we’d love to support you if it aligns with our values and goals. write to us at or call us on 1800-121-7422, and let’s chat.