how it all started
phab was born from a single question we’ve asked ourselves for years: why do we have to choose between healthy and tasty? dekho, life is complicated as is. our food shouldn’t be yaar. and so, we spent months finding simple solutions to this complicated question. with a nutritionist at the helm, scientists by our side, and major foodies in the team, we realised that it’s usually our snacktimes when we go a little wild. when we give in to our cravings and make choices we aren’t proud about. when we have bahut zyaada bad carbs and fats and bahut kam protein and fibre. and so, we decided to help each of us make that easy switch to better everyday choices by creating the superheroes of the snack world. they’re there when you need them, they’re loaded with the good stuff minus all the nasties, and they help you load up on your daily protein requirement without having you compromise on the fun behind the food.
how it's going
after selling over two million bars, bombs and bottles, we decided it was time for us to take phab to the next level. kinda make it… phabber? no, that sounds weird. but bhavnaon ko samjho, dost. in our post-pandemic avatar, we’ve allowed ourselves to go wilder in the lab and experiment with new ingredients and pairings, all so that we can find new ways of fitting into your busy life. our healthy/tasty yummies now come in an abundance of irresistible flavours and you can find us in supermarkets and health food shops around the country at prices that can’t be beat. our promise to get you #ProteinForYourRoutine is now also accompanied with our goal of helping bridge the vast protein deficiency in the country. we try to do our bit by tying up with schools and organisations working with marginalised groups to help reach those who need protein the most but have the least access to it. for every phab product you pick up, you’re not just fuelling yourself; you’re also helping someone else meet their protein requirements.