Meet Our Founders – phab
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a businessman and a nutritionist walked into a bar…

ankit and gayatri have always been on two opposing sides of the food spectrum. while ankit—a serial restaurateur—is allll about the taste, gayatri—who is trained as a nutritionist and wellness coach—is more interested in what goes into and behind the stuff we put into our bodies. 

but a wise person once said that opposites attract. 

and so it was. 

the duo decided that if their munchies had to have something that both of them loved, they had to be yummy and healthy. but when they went out to look for such stuff, the supermarket aisles disappointed them with the lack of options. this is where their vision first took shape: could they replace the word 'or' with 'and' to create products that could appeal to both? 

after spending months in the lab with scientists, chefs and foodies, they created phab for people like themselves. for people who wanted the best of both worlds. for people with busy lives but who want to prioritise themselves and their loved ones. for people who refuse to settle or compromise. for people who want to live their best life, their most phabulous life.  

now, the two and their team are on a mission to empower others to do the same, sparking a movement towards a life filled with health, joy, and limitless possibilities.

decoding the duo

ankit chona

growing up, ankit did not always get along with the weighing scale. after years of trying to fit his undying love for food into his lifestyle, he decided to look for alternatives that did not require him to end his bromance with flavour. that’s how the idea of phab first came to him. 

an ambitious entrepreneur and a visionary investor, ankit spearheads third-generation restaurant and ice-cream businesses and has founded successful ventures of his own in the food and drinks space. he has also established himself as a prominent investor, backing and mentoring start-ups challenging the status quo and driving the growth of a new india.

fave phab yummy: strawberry milkshake 

best time to have a phab yummy: 4pm to conquer the snack attack

where i’m from: ahmedabad but i now live in mumbai 

i’ll happily spend on: shoes coz they’re the only thing in which my size doesn’t keep changing 

you’ll never see me without: my phone, my cards, and a big bag of peanuts everywhere i go. i’m picky about my peanuts and only the sikandar brand will do 😅

gayatri chona

growing up, everyone around gayatri longed for those evenings when snacks would mean chaat, samosas, or their junk siblings. her mom, though, knew how to keep her away from those seductions without making her have any fomo at all. her solution? to make her the most delicious treats in her kitchen that would not just taste good but would also be damn good for her. 

this is gayatri’s earliest introduction to food philosophy and one that she now, as a nutritionist and phab’s co-founder, continues to champion—that craveable healthy food is not impossible. she marries this challenge with efforts to help bridge the vast protein deficiency in india, but never forgetting at her core that food should be fun. 

fave phab yummy: peanut butter energy bar 

best time to have a phab yummy: morning with my overnight oats so i can start the day strong 

where i’m from: i’m a total mumbai girl but in my heart, i live by a beach somewhere far away 

secret skill: sniffing out deals on online shopping websites 

you’ll never see me without: a book, a pen, and a dabba full of dry fruits